The Risks of Cancer Using Breast Enlargement Creams

183803141There are many different creams and supplements on the market today that promise to help women increase their breast size and firmness.

While several of these creams are innocuous and others ineffective, there is a growing concern in some health circles that these breast enlargement creams may do more than just increase the breast size. They may actually cause cancer.

The link between the two is still being fully investigated, but there are several factors that exist that highlight just how potentially hazardous these products can be to the body.

The following are some of the facts that make it not only plausible but probably that some breast enlargement creams do actually cause cancer in the body.

Lack of Research

One of the reasons that the link between breast enlargement creams and cancer is Breast Creampotentially problematic is because there is such a lack of research in the area. Many creams claim to enhance the size of the chest, but the actual efficiency is unknown.

Independent studies of these topical treatments are hard to come by and those studies that are done are not necessarily impartial. This, then, has many to fear that the risk between cancer and breast enlargement creams is more than just a potential but a probability.

Unknown Ingredients

Another problem in the relationship between cancer and breast enlargement creams is that many of these topical treatments are murky on their ingredients.

They are often not clearly marked and they can contain ingredients, which are potentially cancerous to the user. Further complicating the search for transparency is the fact that many of these products are crafted and created out of the country and sold online.

This means less regulation and a greater chance for hazardous chemicals to be included in the cream.

Hormone Overload

The body works in a delicate balance. There must be an adequate amount of one thing in order for another to function and vice versa. When this balance is upset, however, it can cause more than just a physical discomfort or uneasiness. It can actually lead to more serious and hazardous diseases.

With some topical breast enlargement creams, there is a great deal of hormone usage. This can increase the body’s levels of certain types and decrease others.

The imbalance of hormones does more than just cause a better chest size. It can actually cause unhealthy imbalances that lead to secondary cancers and growths in the body.

Though not a guarantee or a definite, it is a potential problem and this needs to be made clear to anyone that considers utilizing these breast enhancement creams.

If breast cancer is a concern from using breast creams there are other alternatives, breast surgery is an option but can also be very risky, using a breast augmentation pump seems to be about one of the best methods to increase a woman’s breast size,  it has no health implications because all you are doing is promoting blood and oxygen flow to the breast making it a very natural process.

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