Overlooked Ways to Increase Breast Size

Women want to be as beautiful and attractive as they can, and every aspect of a woman’s body is important and if its one part of their body that most women are uncomfortable with it is their breasts.

That is why breast enlargement surgery is so popular, while breast surgery is popular it does come with certain risks, over time implants can leak and later will have to be replaced.

Doctors say that the life of a breast implant is around 10 years, but some women have to have them replaced earlier.

Alternative breast enlargement methods

While breast surgery is popular, today we will give you some other options to increase the size of your breasts without surgery, some of the methods outlined below work very well and can have long-lasting effects while others do not.

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Breast enlargement creams

One very popular method is using breast creams, breast enhancement creams have been used for several years and have given women an easy way to increase the size of their breasts,

Women should be careful when choosing a breast cream.

You should make sure it is safe and ensure it has a good amount of the herb Pueraria Mirifica.

Using a breast enhancement cream can add 1 to 2 cup sizes to your breasts, the only downside to this is it does take time.

For women to achieve maximum results it usually takes around 6 months, one common question women have is after they have reached 2 cup sizes will it last, in most cases women retain between 85% and 95% of their gains.

Breast Tonics and Supplements

Breast tonics and supplements are another way for women to increase breast size, most tonics contain concentrated amounts of herbs to help increase the underlying milk ducts, making the breasts larger, the other thing that tonics do is regulate hormonal imbalances.

Supplements have a similar effect in promoting phytoestrogens in the body, which essentially mimics Estrogen production, which also increases blood flow and increases milk duct growth, making the breasts fuller and firmer.

Breast Pumps

Not to be confused with the breast pumps used to extract milk from lactating mothers, Breast augmentation pumps such as the Noogleberry are designed to increase the size of the breasts, also known as vacuum therapy.

The Noogleberry ships with two breast cups and a hand pump a breast cup is placed over each breast and the hand pump is used to create pressure, what this does is increase blood flow to the breasts causing the breast tissue to grow, this is also a very safe and natural way to increase breast size.

So there you have it ladies just a few ways to add a couple cup sizes to those already gorgeous breasts of yours, now its just a matter of finding the one right for you.

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