Noogleberry Breast Cup Rings

What Breast Cup rings to Buy for Your Noogleberry

When I first began using my Noogleberry, one of my biggest complaints was the discomfort it caused by pumping, if I overpumped with too much pressure it would cause red rings around my breasts.

This is still one of the common Noogleberry dangers a lot of women talk about. While the red rings around my breasts would eventually fade, I had to be really careful when pumping. If I overdid it my breasts would pay the price.

Red Rings Around Breasts

Red rings seem to be a common issue when using the Noogleberry pump with standard cups.

Before I get into explaining more about the kinds of rings sold, I would first like to explain to you briefly about the Noogleberry kits and the cups that are available, this way you know exactly what to buy and it may even save you money in the long run with not having to pay extra shipping costs.

It can be slightly confusing when trying to decide which Noogleberry system to buy.

Noogleberry sells several different kits, but they are basically all the same, what changes are the cups and a few of the accessories.

There are three Noogleberry systems sold which are the standard, contoured and airlock system.

Above are the three models that Noogleberry sells, what changes are the breast cups, the cups come in standard, airlock (these cups can be detached while maintaining pressure), and contoured which are deeper and offer a better fit, the breast cups are available in different sizes depending on the model you buy.

The standard Noogleberry is what a lot of women buy, this is where problems arise. The standard Noogleberry comes with regular cups, they are almost flat around the edge, the lack of contour with these cups is what causes red rings around the breasts if you overpump.

A lot of women are not aware of this and end up later buying the protective rings (sold separately) in order to provide you with more cushion.

Benefits of the foam and silicone rings:

  • Makes a better seal for pumping and more suction
  • More comfort when used with the regular and contoured cups
  • A must-have for women using the Noogleberry for the first time

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Soft foam rings

The soft foam rings where the only ones available for the longest time and to be honest they did not help a lot, some women experienced a rash from the foam, while others experienced problems with getting proper suction with the foam rings.

Other complaints included raised ridges around the breasts but once again this was from the fit the rings offer.

Noogleberry Breast Cup Rings

Many women including myself tried using different materials, “even soft weather stripping” to get a better fit but these makeshift inventions did not help much.

Don't get me wrong, a lot of women were able to use the foam rings and not have any problems, however, I was not one of them.

The one benefit of the foam rings is that the cup rings will fit the standard and contoured breast cups. they are available to use with the small, medium, extra-large, and extra extra large breast cups.

The price for the foram breast cups varies in price depending on the size of the rings, for the small cost around $16.00 while the extra-large cost $20.00.

Noogleberry silicone rings

The Silicone breast cups rings are a welcomed addition tho the Noogleberry cups, they are soft, squishy, and offer a lot of comfort, best of all they help create a better seal when you pump.

The silicone rings are made of durable high-grade silicone, these are a must-have for women who are just starting out with the Noogleberry they will improve suction, fit and are comfortable.

Noogleberry Silicone Breast Cup Rings

The cups have a groove within the ring which makes for a perfect fit around the breast cups.

The silicone rings can be easily removed and cleaned with warm soap and water.

So what are the drawbacks to the silicone rings?

The only bad thing about the silicone rings is that they are only available for certain size cups that are only available for the large and extra-large breast cups, they will fit the regular and contoured breast cups, they will also fit the large buttocks cups made for the booty enlargement pump.

The price for the silicone rings cost about $28.00

Final thoughts

When I bought my Noogleberry the silicone breast cup rings were not available, had they been it would have made pumping a lot easier. The foam cups worked ok but they not as good as the silicone rings, the biggest issue some women are having is that often times the silicone rings are out of stock, currently, they are available, so if you do buy a Noogleberry make sure you try to get the silicone breast cup rings, provided they are available at the time of purchase.

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