Different Kinds of Natural Breast Enlargement

So you think your breast are too small, many women do, but before you go thinking about what you are going to do about making your breast bigger, you need to put things into perspective and ask yourself some question.

First of all, are your breast really too small, or is it peer pressure from your significant other. Remember making changes to your body should be all about you and what you want, and not what someone else wants for you.

Woman with Sexy Breasts

It is a fact that many women are uncomfortable with the look of their breasts, and the figure varies but it is estimated that every year between 250,000 and 300,000 women undergo some kind of breast augmentation surgery, yes those numbers are startling because in spite of the risks.

Many women continue to have the procedure done, but there are alternatives that can give you bigger breasts without the health risks.

Are the alternatives any better? In most cases, yes, and unless you are looking for huge porn star looking silicone breasts, natural breast augmentation can have a lot to offer. In fact, many women have achieved between two and four cup sizes larger using natural breast enlargement methods.

Before I go any further describing the different natural methods, let me point out the cons of natural breast enlargement, the biggest reason women don’t go the natural route is that it takes time.

Most natural breast enlargement methods take around three months before you begin to see significant breast growth, so for many women who live in an “I want it now world” natural breast augmentation is not for you, but for those women who have a little patience,  the natural alternative is much better and safer.

Breast Pills

There are many companies that sell breast enhancement pills, most of these pills are full of Breast Pillsall the right herbs that will stimulate breasts growth, some pills include fennel seed, Black Cohosh, and Saw Palmetto which all stimulate natural estrogen levels in your body, the only downside to breast pills is that some women complained about stomach irritation if taking them for long periods of time.

Breast Creams

Breast CreamBreast creams have come a long since their inception and work much better than breast pills, one of the key ingredients in most of the best selling breast creams is Pueraria Mirifica, some also contain Red Clover,  Dong Quai, Dandelion D, and Blessed Thistle.

Applying these creams to the breast not only stimulates blood flow to the breast, but it also encourages natural estrogen production, causing tissue growth as well as increasing the size of the underlying milk ducts, which over time, will make the breast larger, fuller and perkier.

Breast tonics

There are a few companies that sell breast enlargement tonics that contain all the mastogenic growing ingredients your breasts need, similar to pills, these liquid extracts are very concentrated and are usually accompanied by a breast cream to stimulate and regulate estrogen production. Currently, the one company that stands out because of their breast tonic is Natureday who also sells creams and pills.

Breast augmentation pumps

Noogleberry Breast PumpUsing a breast augmentation pump is another great way to make your breasts bigger, but for some reason, there is not a lot of information on this method, which is unfortunate. Using a breast augmentation pump can have impressive results on increasing breast size.

In fact, some women have gained four cup sizes,  and larger if they stick to using the device long enough.

The way a breast enlargement pump works is by creating suction in and around the breast, causing more oxygen and blood flow to the breast which results in new breast tissue, the longer the device is used the bigger your breasts will get.

Women seeking larger breast are not the only ones can benefit from using these products, in fact, older women who suffered from sagging breasts can benefit from the firming and rejuvenating properties many of the above product contain.

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