Breast Cream or Breast Pump Which is Better for Larger Breasts

In a woman’s world there are thousands of women who want bigger breasts, in most cases genetics played a role in what you were given,  and you have probably considered breast surgery but it is expensive, plus who wants surgery, not to mention some of the side effects that can burden you even if things do go well. Not only that, breast implants look fake and they are not yours.

There are some very simple alternatives to helping you increase your breast size without surgery. Breast creams are a very popular alternative, but so are breast enlargement pumps, but which one works better and which one can provide you with the best results.

Breast creams are often very expensive for what you get, and many women have been unsuccessful using them.

While many of the popular breast creams claim success, only about 80% of women actually see a noticeable difference in breast size, in spite of most of the creams boasting a warranty.

After using a particular breast cream for a month or so, and finding out it had no effect on you,  do you really want to take the time to ship the product back?

Breast creams are not cheap and most can run $100.00 or more for a one month supply. Not all breast creams are bad, but achieving noticeable gains will be hard with a simple cream.

Breast enlargement pumps

Breast enlargement pumps offer a very different approach to breast enlargement, in fact, breast pumps can give women significant gains, and some of the more popular products such as the Noogleberry have given thousands of women real results.

Using a breast enlargement pump does offer more promise, because unlike rubbing a breast cream that stimulates hormone production in your body, a breast pump stimulates tissue growth with pressure.

Using a breast enlargement pump

There are different kinds of breast pumps that work in different ways, some are halter-tops that are to be worn all day creating pressure on the breasts, other such as the Noogleberry comes with two breast cups and a breast pump that you use on a daily basis for 15 to 20 minutes a day.

Both methods work by creating suction and blood flow to the breasts, which stimulates tissue growth. Many women have achieved two, three and even four cup sizes larger using a breast pump.

The downside of these methods

While both a breast cream or breast enlargement pump can help you increase your bust size, the downside of these products is unlike breast surgery they do take time and patience.

Most breast creams claim an increase in breast size of two cup sizes larger in approximately 6 months, and at the end of the 6 months, you will have probably spent over 300.00 dollars depending on the breast cream, not to mention after you discontinue use you can probably expect your breast to shrink over time.

Using a breast pump is more inexpensive,  the Noogleberry breast pump with two breast cups cost around $70.00 which is much cheaper, plus any growth gains you do achieve with the Noogleberry will be permanent.

The other advantage of using a breast enlargement pump is that as you continue to grow you can always purchase the next cup size larger to continue your growth.

All in all both methods can offer women a safer alternative to breast surgery,  the only hard part is finding which product will work better for you.

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